{You're Invited} Week 4 of #ScandalWatchDC | Hosted by LiL SoSo Productions

After an amazing kick-off party, we return for another episode of the hit show Scandal. Join us each and every week (Through December) in real life and on Twitter as we follow the trials and tribulations of scandal fixer Olivia Pope and her baudy band of gladiators. 
**Venue change** Please note we will be a new venue this week: CAUSE-The Philanthropub

This Thursday, October 24th Scandal Watch DC is 
hosted by:
Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi of LiL SoSo Productions 

with special guests Angenella Fleming and Leticia Thomas from
Organic Fusion Media.
This week's pre-Scandal Watch topic: The impact of social media on nightlife and tips on how to improve your reach.
*Please Note* featured guests and presentations begin promptly at 9:45 PM. At 10 PM, we tuck in for Scandal!
Can't make the event? Join the fun on Twitter using hashtags: #ScandalWatchDC #ScandalDC  #DCFixers

Scandal Watch DC is produced by LiL SoSo Productions

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