CNPR Owner Revives "PoweR Connection" on BPRS-DC Blog!

Welcome to the PoweR Connection! Hello BPRSDC + Guests! My name is Candice (also known as Candice Nicole) and I hail from the DC Metropolitan area (MD to be exact). A brief despriction on me: I am the owner of Candice Nicole Public Relations and I started my boutique PR company in 2007.  By day, I work at WTTG Fox 5 News. 

It is with great excitement that the “PoweR Connection” column has a new home.

It was about 3 years ago, when I began something that I called the PoweR Connection conference call. It was a weekly call that joined leading Public Relations and communications professionals from around the globe. The call welcomed many amazing individuals, including the late great power publicist Dee Dee Cocheta.

With that platform, many individuals were connected throughout the world and all shared valuable information with a growing community of experienced professionals. Well, life happened and became extremely busy and I let the calls fall by the waist side. However, many kept asking me when was I going to bring back the conference call. I thought about it, thought about it and then thought about it again (SMILE). I said “You know, it would be great to bring the conference call back but so many are busy these days, why not revive it in a blog form?”. I reached out to some websites and they politely declined or wanted to change the format in which I wasn’t too keen on because I have a vision for PoweR Connection and I wanted to honor that vision. I was then invited by the Black Public Relations Society (BPRS) DC Chapter to host a workshop on branding yourself in the digital age.
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Well, that changed my life as that was the first time hosting a workshop solo and that is when in talking I mentioned my idea and Faye Hyslop and Alana Hill said SURE! It was no selling, they simply heard what I had to say and said “Lets do it!” So here we are today (SMILE).

With the PoweR Connection column, we will highlight many publicist throughout the world as well as new industry trends and best practices for industry professionals. If there are any topics in particular that you would like me to cover, please feel free to email me directly at

Again, I am so very excited to have this opportunity to blog on the BPRSDC site and to bring this vision of PoweR Connection back to the forefront! It is most important that we support one another because this can be a very unforgiving business at times. Hope you have a great reminder of the week and I look forward to sharing my first post!

PoweRfully Yours,
Candice Nicole

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