Event Recap: Short Film "ALX" Screens at Historic AFI Silver Theater

"ALX" Screens at Historic AFI Silver Theater


Early Sunday evening at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, MD Writer/Director Collins Harris IV held a screening for his new short film ALX . This was only the second screening for the film as it already made its debut at the Martha Vinyard's African American Film Festival this Summer. In short, ALX is a film about a young woman attending an HBCU who finds herself at a crossroads when she begins to start bumping heads with administration. There is a new rule specifically pertaining to the appearance/presentation of the African American students and she now needs to make some decisions about life and collegiate experience.

The private screening for family/friends, Indiegogo Supporters and Press was held in a 75 seated theater but as the screening was in high demand 10 additional chairs were added to accommodate and even towards the end when the panel discussion was being held there were individuals standing/seated on the side. Before the screening started the crowd was greeted by Collins as he thanked them for attending and expressed his excitement for them about to see the film. After the film concluded there was a panel discussion which raised questions about natural hair, how African Americans are viewed in mainstream America when they wear their natural hair, organizations with rules banning certain types of hair styles + more. The panel was moderated by Tim Gordon who is the President of the Washington, DC Film Critics Association.

  • Tim Gordon- President of the Washington, DC-Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA)
  • Dr. Avis Jones-Deweever- Founder of The Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women, Former Executive Director of NCNW, Author, International Speaker & Contributor to TV One, PBS, Siris/XM Radio & Huffington Post
  • Jarielle Uter- Lead Actress in "ALX"
  • Paul Craig- Lead Actor in "ALX"
  • Tamon George- Recent MBA Graduate & Creator of Change.org Campaign against an Organizational Dreadlock ban
  • Collins Harris IV- Writer/Director of ALX
ALX received a standing ovation after the screening/panel discussion concluded with everyone stating how much they enjoyed the film, how the film is very much needed and the conversation is something that needed to be started.
Before the year is over,  ALX will be embarking on a mini screening tour. If you're interested in hosting a screening in your city please send over your inquiry to Candice@CandiceNicolePR.com. 

About ALX

ALX (pronounced Alex) is a short narrative film set on an HBCU campus. Follows a young girl who bumps heads with school administration over a new rule. Amongst her growing business and a budding relationship, she must decide her next step.

The school's policy is specific, dealing with the appearance and presentation of their African-American students. However, the ideology is rooted in a broader category known as the 'politics of respectability'. The film engages issues surrounding hair, attire, and sexual respectability. ALX is a fictional interpretation of young African-American collegiate life on a fictional HBCU campus.


Photo Gallery

ALX Film Poster Hanging in AFI Silver Theater Lobby

An Actor in ALX & Writer/Director Collins Harris IV

BET Producer Chantel Costen & Husband

ALX Lead Actors Jarielle Uter & Paul Craig

The Esteemed Panelists

Writer/Director Colliins Harris IV caught in laughter! 

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