CNPR Owner Releases First E-Book- "The PR Puzzle"

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On Small Business Saturday, Candice Nicole who is the owner of Candice Nicole Public Relations released her first e-book titled "The PR Puzzle". It's under $10 ($7.99 to be exact) and is packed with great knowledge of the PR industry. It's an easy read and definitely a book that will you keep going back to for advice! The table of contents is below:

One. "What is PR"
Two. "The Benefits of PR"
Three. "PR for Startups"
Four. "Utilizing Social Media in PR"
Five. "Creating the Ultimate PR Plan"
Six. "Making a Budget for PR"
Seven. "How to Choose a PR Firm"
*BONUS* How to Receive Media Invites to Exclusive Events
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CNPR Cyber Monday Deal

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Happy Cyber Monday Everyone!

CNPR is PRoud to announce that for Cyber Monday we will be offering PR Consultations for 50% Off! The call will be for 15 min and the link to secure your spot is now open, and only 10 spots are available.

This is a great opportunity for new/current business owners!

Hope to speak with you soon on a call!

-Candice N. Mackel