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"Involve. Influence. Inspire. Your Story is Our Business"
Ready, Set, PITCH! 
Let’s be real - in today’s climate, business owners can’t afford to waste budgets and time on fleeting projects without lasting results. And because things change so rapidly day-to-day, the idea of going into a long-term commitment can be overwhelming.
That’s why we’ve created “Ready, Set, PITCH!” - a service that allows you to create your digital footprint while you work with our team to develop relevant messaging, maximize impact, and position you as a thought leader in your industry!

With Ready, Set, PITCH, we offer clients the same award-winning expertise, knowledge, and hustle without the long-term commitment or hefty cost. Our team of professionals will work with you to generate genuine, solid, valuable media coverage, increase visibility and positioning. In addition, we will apply best practices for communicating to your internal & external audiences - providing a long-lasting result of building a solid relationship with them.

When you “Ready, Set, PITCH!”, we will:

Work with you to create a custom media pitch + story angles to engage with the media.

Manage all of your outbound press inquiries that occur during your Ready, Set, PITCH! campaign.

Handle the writing, create your PR Strategy, press list creation, distribution, and follow-up for your media pitch and press release.

Ready, Set, PITCH! Clients Have Been
Seen on the Following & More!

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The Investment:

3 Payments of $2,650 (price includes press release distribution)

Keyboard and Mouse

Let our “Ready, Set, PITCH!” service be the solution of you wanting to gain visibility, but not wanting to break the bank. 


Ready to get started? Let’s connect and chat!

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