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"Involve. Influence. Inspire. Your Story is Our Business"
Ready, Set, PODCAST! 
Make Your Brand Binge-worthy
Give Your Brand a Voice, Connect with Your Audience, and Push Your Business to New Heights through podcasts.

Then Here’s Why PR is Something You Should Consider.


Customers are constantly bombarded with ads. They are sick of all the flash sales and order now's. 

So much so that they would rather tune in to a Podcast than watch a generic promotional ad.

Unbiased reviews, interesting conversations, and relatable stories are what make a solid foundation for any business. It’s loaded with emotions, and what allows you to create that connection with your audience.

PR is indirect marketing at its finest - to gain unwavering credibility, maximum visibility, and long-lasting results. 

At CNPR, we offer a made-to-budget public relations experience.

We don't focus solely on deliverables, but rather on cost-effective results

We help you humanize your brand, shed a positive light on your business and connect with your audience.

In your "Ready, Set, Podcast" campaign, every impression the podcast gets, your brand gets.

Get All the Perks of the Agency Experience without the Price Tag.

Award-winning PR team to create a spellbinding media pitch for your brand.

PR experts with 20 years of experience to manage your outbound press inquiries.

We take the hassle out of writing, creating the media list, distributing and following up on your pitch and press release.

The Investment: 

3 Payments of $1,575

Keyboard and Mouse

Ready to put your business on the big stage and start working on your brand image? Then reach out for a quick chat; it won't cost you a dime.

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