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Creating Visibility that Matters with Acceleration!

Take a day out of your busy schedule to invest in yourself and learn everything there is to know about how to build your PR plan, create marketing, and social media strategies and make your business more visible than ever.


Getting your business in front of the right audience can be tough. Without a large and diverse team on your side, you're stuck doing most of the work yourself, and most of the time, you may find yourself saying “Am I doing this right?!”

The thing is, today's market is more crowded and overwhelming than ever, and it's getting worse as society keeps moving faster and faster. Everyone is fighting for a place in the spotlight and especially the businesses that have large budgets. 

But hey, it doesn't mean that entrepreneurs and small business owners can't have their moment in the sun as well.

You may have already been featured in the press, or this may be your first experience with Public and Media Relations. Either way, you should know that PR can help you reach a vast audience, tailored to your business and increase visibility.

All you have to do is create a PR plan, get your PR calendar up to date and learn the most useful strategies and hacks to take your business to a new height. So, how do you do that if you don’t know where to start? Book your own PR VIP Day with Founder & CEO of Award-Winning PR Agency, Candice Nicole Public Relations.


Then Here’s Why PR is Something You Should Consider.


Customers are constantly bombarded with ads. They are sick of all the flash sales and order now's. 

So much so that they would rather tune in to a Podcast than watch a generic promotional ad.

Unbiased reviews, interesting conversations, and relatable stories are what make a solid foundation for any business. It’s loaded with emotions, and what allows you to create that connection with your audience.


Well, we bring snacks, energy, and a goal-oriented Public Relations System to Boost Your Visibility and Exposure.

Our PR VIP DAY is an opportunity to start off your brand building on the right foot. It's a one-on-one sit-down with Founder and CEO Candice Nicole and CNPR representative.


Instead of meaningless deliverables or quick, off-the-cuff meetings, you'll get the undivided attention of a Founder and representative of the PR agency with over 15 years of experience under their belt.

A light overview of the day's schedule includes:

We start the day with a one-on-one with founder and CEO Candice Nicole and CNPR representative to touch base.

We begin to dissect your current PR plan and build it from the ground up.

We focus on a specific goal, project, or task of your choice.

You will learn how to integrate storytelling and creative writing into your marketing mix.

You will get a short list of PR do's and don'ts.

Snacks and lunch will be served.

The session will be recorded so your support team can get up to speed.

You'll walk away with a BONUS gift of a written Media Pitch and 10 Media Contacts.

A complete PR plan is provided 5 business days after the VIP Day.



As a small business owner, every minute of your time is an investment. Between running your business, finding clients, and sailing through your day-to-day tasks. You have little time for anything else.

We are also aware that hiring a public relations agency may not be feasible for businesses just starting, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to implement visibility into your business plan and we have created that solution for you. 

The PR VIP DAY summarizes months’ worth of consulting in less than eight hours.

It is an immersive experience that creates that "Ah" moment.

Informative and educational content with experienced mentors

A balanced mix of theoretical content and valuable deliverables

An in-depth look at your visibility goals, marketing strategies, branding, social media, speaking opportunities, audience targeting, and much more.

Who is this not for?

✘  Someone who is not ready to invest in themselves

✘  Someone who isn’t ready to do the work

✘ Someone who is not ready to invest the time into themselves
✘  Someone who questions the value of PR

We appreciate you visiting us and taking the time to learn more about our PR VIP Day! If this is something you’re interested in doing, please click the button below and we are ready to schedule our call with you!

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