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Don’t Be a “Gucci Mane” of Your Visibility Strategy

Updated: May 18, 2021

1.8 million people at one point were watching the JEEZY vs. GUCCI MANE Verzuz battle LIVE on the evening of Nov. 19, 2020. It started about an hour late, but it was worth it. I mean for me personally, this was going to be a “take me back to college days and all of my 20s” type of fun! (SMILE). I couldn’t wait! However, I also knew this would be an interesting battle considering the long-running beef those two men have had. No need to get into what it was, but know it runs deep, and it's extremely personal.

Oh, and I am never the one that speaks on anything happening in “pop culture” and wanting to share my lessons/tips, but this right here? I had no choice. There were too many times where I was watching Gucci Mane parade around on the stage, highlighting unnecessary things (such as him wanting to point out his outfit cost him $10K), not listening, caring about what his entourage was thinking (as they were all visible standing on the side of the stage), being too loud and running off of emotion. It was quite exhausting and also made me think about the business owner or someone with a personal brand who is paying too much attention to the other person and not thinking about what their OWN visibility strategy will be to win.

Quick Facts:

  • Verzuz is a music battle between two artists (Created by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland)

  • The artists decide on what songs to play, how to put them in order

  • Depending upon who you ask this may not be a “true” battle but something fun to witness as you get to hear all of the classics of those artists

Okay, now back to the lesson as I don’t want to keep you reading an entire book :) So, with the quick facts on Verzuz, I must share that there should actually be a strategy to how you put your songs in order. Is there a story you want to tell with them? It requires you to take some time to sit back and think about how you will now create your plan of action.

What is currently happening with business owners/personal brands these days?

  • They are comparing themselves

  • They want to rush to “success”

  • They want to be the loudest but haven’t read the room

  • They want to figure out everything on their own

  • They don’t care to respect the process of creating a strategy

In short, they have GRAND ideas and don’t want to take the time to create a plan of making it happen for them. The strategy will ALWAYS win ladies & gentlemen. It will also scream loud volumes when you don’t have a proper strategy in place. A light will be shined on you and all will be exposed. For example, during the battle, there was a time when Jeezy reminded Gucci Mane who this battle was for and what it represented. Jeezy was not there for “play play”. From his mouth, he stated, “THIS IS FOR THE CULTURE. WE ARE THE CULTURE” and made it clear that this wasn’t about THEM, it was for the 1.8 individuals + others who will catch the replay. Immediately, it was as if the air was let out of Gucci Mane. There really wasn’t anything he could say as the entire night he was operating off of emotion. There was no proper strategy in place so when he addressed by Jeezy, he was caught off guard.

Don’t let that be you. Please do not be the “Gucci Mane” of your visibility strategy. Be the person who wants to create a strategy or hire individuals who can assist with creating your proper strategy and even assist you in executing. Yes, it will take time but it is something that you will appreciate. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Oh, in case you didn’t know- JEEZY Won!

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