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Humanizing Your Brand in 2023

Humanizing your brand is an important tool in publicizing and garnering an audience. Instead of just selling the product/service and pushing them towards your own personal likes, the idea of showing that there is a great value in your services/products that they’re looking for is what matters most. That is humanizing your brand and making the audience feel your authenticity. You may be saying "Okay, that sounds great Candice but how do I do that?"

To do that, you can follow these 3 tips below:

1. Educate your Audience

Educating your audience means talking to them naturally. There is a way to make them understand your story and its great value without making them feel that you’re selling the product to them. After all, it truly is more than just selling your service/product. Letting the audience know your brand and where it came from makes them understand your why which will then male them understand your service/product and not see it as a robot trying to garner results.

Of course, there are times when people purchase the product right away without hearing the story, all because of the quality of the product itself. But it is also important to note that this does not ensure progress throughout. Talking with the audience and sharing your story is how one actually begins to humanize a brand. It becomes more personal.

2. Be Yourself

Humanizing yourself self means not just talking with the audience but also being genuine. People want to know the reason why it all started and by showing it to them, interest will follow. Being honest about what is going on helps them understand and see the story behind your brand. Even if it's not the perfection they are looking for. You must let the people know who they are working with and that they are working with someone who is truly invested in what they have created.

Being comfortable and confident in sharing your story is a step that starts this action. And it doesn’t matter if it’s not as perfect as you expected because, at the end of the day, you are a human first. Your business is intended to grow, and with time you will also develop new ways in positioning yourself, but please know that people want to see the real YOU.

3. Showing the Behind the Scenes

Sharing the progress of what has been going on behind the scenes gives your audience the feeling of authenticity of your brand. This makes people feel involved by letting them know the extra work behind the process and how tasks are accomplished. They begin to see that your brand is more than just products and services that you're selling and promoting. They will see that there is a real system that requires strategy, effort, and at times some hiccups. In your business or personal brand, don't always show the good and not the bad as with the bad is when you sometimes will find the GREAT. Being transparent and showing imperfections provides authenticity and humanizes your business/personal brand.

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