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It's More Than a Media Interview

Alrighty! We are back with more gems when maneuvering in the PR space! For a lot of people, hiring publicists or PR agencies meant achieving the goal of getting in a magazine, being seen on TV, walking the red carpet + more. For many, they view a Publicist or PR agency as one that just secures media interviews for you and publicizes your brand. However, it is important to understand that PR is a process and hiring a Publicist and PR agency is more than just a media interview. Here’s why:

Generally, Publicists and PR agencies are always thinking about what is good for the client. The strategy and all the media pitching are for the client's interests. However, we do find ourselves asking questions like “what else can we do for the client?” and "what are some other clever/creative ways to generate visibility?".

Visibility and branding are always at the top of mind and we have to think outside of the box. This is why a Publicist’s job is very important for entrepreneurs, for example. They can align you to be in that position to have collaboration and partnerships and as you know when that collaboration happens, a press release will be created announcing your partnership. Through this, you are generating visibility.

But if you look at it closely, it's not just the media interview that is getting you that visibility. There are a lot of different things that have to be taken into account. From the press release circulating it is being seen by thousands.

For media interviews, Publicists and PR agencies cannot guarantee an instant interview for you right away. It is more than reaching out on your behalf. It is a combination of energy, strategy, follow-up, and thinking to put you in that position to be seen.

PR is a process. It's not like a buttery bag of popcorn that you put it in the microwave and in 3-4 minutes you have a nice bag of hot popcorn. It may not happen where all of these media outlets just want to interview you. It may actually be a slow burn in the beginning as they are getting to know more about you/your product/service. You also cannot compare yourself to other successful clients and ask to be placed in similar situations with them. After all, each client is unique and you're never aware of how many emails it may have taken to get that client on The Today Show as an example.

So when hiring, please don’t hire someone based on solely results or their clients. Instead, hire someone that you have had a consultation with and you were able to speak to them about your visibility goals and you feel confident about them being able to serve your vision and interests. Get into that mindset that you are adding someone to your team that could help with your visibility. Someone that can advise you on certain things like branding, marketing, and social media. Understand your relationship with them as experts in their field. And most importantly, trust that they are bringing professional suggestions with your goal in mind 1,000%!

In the end, it is important to understand and respect that it is more than just a media interview when you’re making that decision to hire a Publicist and PR agency. It’s about having someone on your team to properly advise you, that can provide suggestions while doing everything in the background for your end. And ultimately, it IS more than a media interview. It is about STRATEGY!

If you feel that these tips are helpful, click here to reach Candice Nicole Public Relations and how we may be able to assist you with your visibility goals.

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