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PR Myth... You Only Need PR When Launching a New Product or in a Crisis

Text displaying that PR is only needed when launching a new product or in a crisis

The myth that PR is only needed when you are launching a new product or your business is in a crisis couldn’t be further from the truth. 

PR is an essential part of any business’ communications strategy. It can help you build your brand and reputation, as well as tell your story to the media and influencers who have the power to spread the word about your company.

PR is needed at every stage of business growth. Even if you’re not ready to launch a new product or service, there will still be times when you need to tell your story and when you can weigh in on certain topics as an expert/thought leader in your industry.

There are plenty of good reasons and I have listed 3 on why PR should be part of your overall communications strategy:

🌟Customer/Client loyalty: A positive story about your company helps build customer trust and loyalty - which can increase sales and repeat business

🌟Increased brand awareness: A strong media presence helps raise awareness of your brand among potential customers - which makes it easier for them to find out more about what you do

🌟Consistency: Self-explanatory but we all know consistent action will create consistent results. Don’t play the “hot potato” game with your visibility 

Hope this tip helps you kick off your Q1 and honestly, any quarter you may be in (depending upon when you read this)🏆 For more info on how CNPR can assist you with your goals, head to our website and complete our inquiry form or send us an email!

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