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[PRESS RELEASE] Dr. Taylor Dee, The Multi-Passionate Educator is on a Mission to Inspire Creativity and Empower the Next Generation


July 2, 2024


Candice Nicole

Dr. Taylor Dee, The Multi-Passionate Educator is on a Mission

 to Inspire Creativity and Empower the Next Generation

Charlotte, NC, July 2, 2024- Dr. Taylor Dee is an innovative educator, song-singing children’s author, and dynamic entrepreneur. She is also making waves in the world of education and youth development with her creative way of thinking and passion to empower the next generation. With a Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master's Degree in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Early/Elementary Education, Dr. Taylor Dee brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her multifaceted career and the understanding of how representation matters in the Educational space.

Transitioning from public school teaching to entrepreneurship, Dr. Taylor Dee took a leap of faith, investing her talents in writing, singing, movement, and literacy for children. Her journey began with the unexpected acquisition of a converted, seatless school bus, which she transformed into a mobile platform for promoting music, movement, and literacy across the Carolinas through her business, BEYOND Fit Kids and TUMBLEBUS. Despite the pandemic-induced closure of this venture, Dr. Taylor Dee pivoted to launch Right Now Works Education and Taylor Dee Kids TV Media. Since then, her YouTube has grown to 4.9K subscribers, with more than 70 videos uploaded and 1,580,768 views and counting.

Dr. Taylor Dee’s creative endeavors have led to the production of over 45 educational songs, 70+ music videos, and two studio albums, amassing millions of views and streams. Her dedication to early childhood education is further exemplified through the founding of Wonder Academy, a Preschool and School Age Program serving over 100 students daily.

In addition, as a children’s author and educator, Dr. Taylor Dee has visited over 500 schools, impacting more than 100,000 students worldwide. Her work extends beyond direct interaction with children, as she assists organizations and educators in launching and growing youth-serving businesses and organizations through tailored approaches.

Committed to her mission of serving children and educators globally, Dr. Taylor Dee continues to expand her reach through coaching, content creation, speaking engagements, and educational development. I hope through my efforts I can continue to  inspire creativity and help children and educators unlock their own natural gifts,”  says Dr. Taylor Dee. “We all have great work to be doing…the time to do it is now”.

Most recently, Dr. Taylor Dee has been casted main stage for the 2024-2025 season with the Charlotte Children's Theatre. This has been a goal for her as she continues to impact more children through performance. For more information on Dr. Taylor Dee, visit or connect with her @drtaylordee and @taylordeekidstv on Instagram. If interested in scheduling a media interview, please contact


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