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The Three P’s of Publicity

There are a lot of different things everyone thinks about when it comes to publicity. It actually may be something that can be overwhelming, but CNPR wanted to share 3 P's with you! Before you start the process of media outreach, start to implement the below:

1. Planning

Before starting the pressing process or going through any publication, it is important to make sure that you have a plan. This is to ensure that if you don’t do what you want where you can just push out the idea hoping that maybe someone will bite. Having a great idea without having any plan in place and not even knowing where to go is the wrong action. Thinking ahead of time and having a plan gives you a sense of direction and foundation of where you’re looking to go on your publicity. It doesn’t matter if it changes along the way, since you can always just create another. What’s important is the fact there is a plan in place.

2. Persistence

Working on publicity does not always guarantee a “yes” culture throughout the business. You will probably even hear a lot of no’s for a long time before finally kicking it out. However, you mustn't let that first “no” or the other 20 more that will follow sink in. Even the lack of response from calls, text messages, or return email…please do not take it too personally. At the end of the day, it’s still business. And instead of sulking, you should practice persistence and press on especially when it comes to publicity. After all, no matter how long, the right person will come for you. Whether it’d be the right editor, contributor, writer, or blogger…they will come as long as there is persistence.

3. Patience

Along with persistence is also the practice of patience. To keep on going and riding that train, you do not only need to be persistent but to be patient in the long run ahead as well. You do not achieve success by persistence alone and it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the faster to get it is the quickest way to lose it. Having a slow, steady built with your clients and setting it in, making sure that it’s solid in the ground, is being patient. The same applies to understanding other people in their respective situations since they also have their fair share of problems. As long as patience is practiced along the journey, your success will be there.

By applying these 3 P’s of Publicity, you will be able to implement anything. Through proper planning, persistence, and patience, you can achieve your goal and even make more room for other destinations as well.

Want to learn more about publicity and how you can use them to your brand’s advantage? Contact Candice Nicole Public Relations to fully understand this important ingredient to business success.

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