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[PRESS] Center for Creative Arts Therapy Presents Inaugural Mental Health @ Work Summit


July 10, 2023


Samantha Rucobo

Candice Nicole Public Relations

Center for Creative Arts Therapy Presents Inaugural Mental Health @ Work Summit: The Stigma Free Experience in Chicago, Led By Psychotherapist Azizi Marshall and Featuring Mental Health Thought Leaders

The Center for Creative Arts Therapy presents Mental Health @ Work: The Stigma Free Experience led by Chicago’s Azizi Marshall, an award-winning corporate mental health trainer, and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) RDT-BCT specializing in creative arts therapy and workplace wellness.

Mental Health @ Work Summit is the first conference of its kind designed with the professional leader in mind who is wanting to increase their knowledge on mental health at the workplace using a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion lens. This interactive 3-day interactive summit leverages the Stigma Free Actors, professionally trained actors, and expert training facilitators to develop an empowering mental health toolbox for managers, leaders, C-suite executives, and HR professionals to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace and create a culture of care within their organization.

The summit will take place on July 21-23, 2023, at the Oak Brook Hills Resort, offering attendees an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights, and explore innovative strategies to address mental health challenges in the workplace.

The Stigma Free Experience will feature a distinguished panel of speakers during Sunday’s “Respond” programming, moderated by Chicago-local Mario Lambert, Populus Group, VP of Sales and Consultant, and will include:

During the “Respond” section of the summit, discover insights, strategies, and approaches to elevate an organization’s culture with the help of esteemed experts in DEI, HR, holistic health, and organizational development. Attendees can engage in real-time with panelists and receive personalized recommendations.

In addition to Sunday’s panelists, the Mental Health @ Work Summit welcomes its sponsors committed to championing mental well-being:

  • Procaffeinated CoffeeHouse – offers a personalized mobile barista experience designed to curate any space into a community while dedicated to bringing awareness to Black mental health

  • ProMotion Corporate Wellness – focuses on whole-body health by incorporating fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness into emotional wellness.

  • HR Answers – helps countless group practice owners with their HR needs and believes in taking care of those that take care of others in the workplace.

  • Hinsdale Bank & Trust Company – a Chicago-based organization with a community-focused mission.

  • Cav Academy – hosts retreats and conferences for the mental health field while providing leadership development and coaching for mental health leaders.

The Center for Creative Arts aims to partner with like-minded organizations to bring awareness to mental health disparities while recognizing the intersection of mental health and the workplace. Through the summit, leaders can drive positive change across their teams and become allies that reduce the stigma of mental health.

“Empowering minds and transforming workplaces, says Psychotherapist and Founder of The Center for Creative Arts Therapy, Azizi Marshall.” “The Mental Health @ Work Summit is a game-changing initiative poised to revolutionize the well-being landscape for both individuals and businesses. This groundbreaking event aims to foster a culture of mental wellness, driving profound impact by nurturing healthier minds, enhancing productivity, and fostering empathetic, resilient work environments. We are forging a path towards a future where mental health is not just a priority, but a shared responsibility that paves the way for thriving individuals and flourishing organizations through taking ACTion,” she adds.

To learn more about the Mental Health @ Work Summit, hotel accommodations, and purchase your ticket, please visit: For media inquiries, please email Samantha Rucobo:

About The Hosts:

Azizi Marshall, LCPC, RDT-BCT and the Center for Creative Arts Therapy team, are therapists with a passion for workplace mental health, social justice, equity and inclusion. As long-time colleagues who have pioneered their mutual passions, they know the power of connection and interactive experiences as a means for true explorations of difficult topics. They created the Stigma Free Experience as a way to provide mental health DEI leadership training, along with a medium for bringing together hundreds of business leaders for a few days of deep connection and exploration.



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