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[PRESS RELEASE] The White Dress Project Celebrates 10 Years & Hosts The 2024 EmPOWERment Experience for Fibroid Awareness Month 


May 3, 2024


Candice Nicole

The White Dress Project Celebrates 10 Years & Hosts The 2024 EmPOWERment Experience

 for Fibroid Awareness Month 

Washington, DC, May 3, 2024- The White Dress Project will host its third annual EmPOWERment Experience at The Conrad Hotel in Washington DC on July 11 – 13, 2024 as part of Fibroid Awareness Month. This year’s EmPOWERment Experience will be the biggest celebration to date as The White Dress Project commemorates 10 years of impact on raising awareness for uterine fibroids.  The three-day weekend will feature multiple events, including an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, panel discussions, and The White Dress Project’s signature fundraising dinner, Night in White. The theme for this year’s EmPOWERment Experience is Igniting Change: Stories that Sparked a Movement.

The EmPOWERment Experience is part of The White Dress Project’s efforts to empower women while raising funds and awareness about uterine fibroids, a condition that impacts more than 70% of women worldwide. According to the National Library of Medicine, as fibroids impact more than 70% of women, with Black women it increases to 90% by the age of 50, and between the ages of 35-40, 60% will be impacted. 

When asked about the importance of The White Dress Project, Founder  Tanika Gray Valburn states “Over the past decade, we've made significant strides in shedding light on the GRAVE impact on quality of life and our health that uterine fibroids can have. We've REVOLUTIONIZED storytelling and encouraged so many to feel confident to share their story. But our work is far from over. Too many women still suffer in silence, and we're committed to changing that. Our annual EmPOWERment Experience is an experience like no other. Our guests experience a supportive space to connect, share stories, and learn from medical professionals. You'll leave feeling encouraged, empowered, and inspired.” 

The weekend will be filled with various activations that have been well thought out to create a vibrant atmosphere. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in an all-white photo shoot, attend a yoga session, and get tools and products at our health & wellness lounge to lead a whole and balanced life. 

As uterine fibroids physically affect women, The White Dress Project understands that men can be impacted by fibroids too and for that reason, this year they encourage men to attend who want to show support for their wife, sister, daughter, partner, or any other woman on their fibroid journey, to join The EmPOWERment Experience in DC as well.

Registration for The EmPOWERment Experience is now open. For more information about The White Dress Project and to purchase tickets, please visit If you’re interested in speaking with the Founder or any of the board members, please contact

About the White Dress Project

The White Dress Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising global awareness about the uterine fibroid epidemic through education, research, community, and advocacy. The White Dress Project achieves its mission by educating individuals on fibroids and their treatment options, fostering research, advocating for better health, and building a supportive community so that women no longer have to suffer in silence when living with fibroids.  For more information about The White Dress Project, visit

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