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The 411 on the PRess Release... does it work?

What is a Press Release?

A press release (PR) is a promotional tool where you can make a major announcement that is intended to generate publicity and spark people’s interest. It drums up quick visibility for the media to easily gather information and can be done on your own or by someone else on your behalf. Through this, it is much easier to engage the media or the community and let the people know and become aware of that announcement.

What can a Press Release provide?

A press release gives you the benefit and advantage of having a link or source to give out to clients that are asking for additional information. All content and everything the audience need is there in one area. Media outlets could also copy/paste your content and re-release it on their platforms. Although many publicists hate this idea, it is actually a win-win scenario since your information is being shared with a larger audience, not just your own. Another great generating tool for publicity.

But you also have to consider other tools as well. A media pitch is also great to accompany the press release when being distributed to the media directly.

Where can I hire PR writers?

The people that write these press releases on your behalf are the publicists, however, individuals who write as a profession are also able to create a press release as well. You can locate publicists on different freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr and you can also search for them on social media sites as well.

Where can I house/distribute a Press Release?

Press Releases can be published or housed on your website or the following press release sites:

1. - where a press room is available for press releases. lets you post press releases for free and only requires payment when posting it on your behalf.

2. E-releases - this is a really good site for making the major announcement because of its partnership with PR News Wire.

3. Black PR Wire - this is for when the PR is intended to send out to the Black media

4. 24/7 Press Release- very user-friendly with uploading your press release and distributing

5. EIN Press Wire- very user-friendly with uploading your press release and distributing

On the myth that the Press Release is dead and that it is no longer needed today is completely false! A press release is actually a great tool for promotion and getting people’s attention. The fact that it gives leverage for visibility for media and engagement with the community is proof that the need for a press release is still needed, and that it thrives! So yes, the PRess Release DOES work!

I hope these tips helped you a bit! For any additional information on Candice Nicole Public Relations, please visit

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